Welcome to our Chinese Antiquities site!

This site has been set up primarily to display two collections of Chinese antiquities, consisting mostly of jade and ceramic items.  If you click on either of the Collections titles, it will take you to a page showing thumbnail images of the items with descriptions.  When you click on a thumbnail, a larger size image will be generated.  You can also view the images as a slide show if you prefer.  Please note — one peculiarity of the display plug-in we’ve installed is, let’s say you’re viewing a rather large image, and you have scrolled down to view the bottom of the image, then you click on “Close,” and you don’t see anything.  The next item is there, you just need to cursor back up the page to see it. The way this plug-in works, when you cursor up and down to view an image, you are also cursoring up and down on the site’s page as well. Which is why you need to cursor back up to get back to where you started.

I think you will find that we have some truly unique items in our collection.  And I hope you enjoy your visit here!


Michael McBroom


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