Do You Like to Cook More Than You Like to Eat?

I do.  If you’re not into cooking, I know that may sound strange.  But I believe a true chef sees the food he or she produces as works of art, such that the act of consuming it becomes secondary to the act of creating it.  So this category will not just be about food, it will be about what goes into the making of it.  Expect to see some of my own recipes — or some of my wife’s, who is a trained chef.  I’m not formally trained the way she is.  I just learned from my mother, worked in restaurants for years, and I keep a close eye on my wife as she works her magic.  And I’ve spent many hours perfecting my low-and-slow barbecuing methods, which the wife doesn’t even have a clue how to do.  But I’ll do an honest restaurant review on occasion too.  I have a few favorites here in Houston, Texas, which is a city chockablock full of great places to eat.  So here goes.

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