Michael’s Music

I’ve been a musician since 1965 — 50 years this year. My instrument is guitar. By the late 1960s I was playing in rock and roll and blues bands, and I was good enough to be the lead guitarist in these bands. But by the early 1970s I had become tired of the whole rock scene and was looking for more. I found it in classical music. I began studying classical guitar in 1972 and have never looked back since. It is a deeply enjoyable means of musical expression for me.

In more recent years I’ve begun to compose music. It can run the gamut from blues and rock and new age even to classical. I’ve recorded two CDs of my own material.  You can find the recordings at Soundcloud. Go here to listen to them.

If you’d like to purchase some of my music, my CDs are available directly from me. Discount price is $12 each, $20 if you buy both, plus $2 postage. Leave a message for me here and I’ll be in touch.

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