A Day of Sadness

It’s a very sad night tonight. Barack Hussein Obama is projected to have been re-elected to the United States Presidency. BHO, a person who has yet to prove to the satisfaction of millions of Americans that he is even one of us, has managed to bamboozle the majority of the US constituency once again. BHO, who has not proven to any extent that he is even a legal resident of the United States — let alone a US citizen — has apparently been granted the power to continue to rule by a misinformed public. Anyone who would care to question the authenticity of BHO’s alleged birth certificate has only to visit the White House page where it is exhibited, download the document, and run their own tests. And they will clearly see that it is a crude forgery. We have an illegal alien in the White House now and it would appear that this unfortunate situation will continue for four more long years.

I have nothing more to say on the matter.

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