CFS at Pappy’s Café: The Quest Continues!

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Pappy's Chicken Fried Steak with fries substituted instead of mashed, and Texas Toast

Okay, first of all, my apologies for the crappy photo above — it’s the best I could do with my cell-phone’s cheezy camera.  And while the photo might not get your mouth to a-watering, still, it gets the idea across.

What will most likely be my never ending quest for finding the Perfect Chicken Fried Steak  continues.  I revisited one of my favorite haunts a couple days ago: Pappy’s Cafe, a place I that I haven’t been to in a while, and I wanted to refresh my recollections regarding their CFS.  I’m glad I did, too!   It was actually quite a bit better than I remembered.

It is difficult to give an idea of scale in the above image, but let me just say that Pappy’s CFS is a very generous portion, and not shown is the garden salad that was included in the meal’s $8.99 price.  Everything arrived at the table piping hot, and it arrived quite promptly, which is one reason why Pappy’s does such a brisk lunch business.  It’s easy to get in and out and have a good comfort food meal in the process.  Oh — and by the way — you read that right.  $8.99 for a real sit-down meal that includes two sides (doesn’t have to be fries or mashed pototoes and a salad — it can be any of several sides they offer), but best of all, a real sit-down meal that’s really worth sitting down for.

Yes, after having their CFS, I’d rate it right up there with Hickory Hollow’s.  It might not be quite as large, but the taste is memorable.  The batter is crisp but not heavy, the cubed steak is reasonably tender, and the cream gravy has just a detectable hint of bacon in it.  Most likely from some good ol’ bacon fat drippings, I’ll wager.  The fries are fresh cut and crispy, but if you feel like something different, try their black-eyed peas or fried okra. Pappy’s also has a full bar and Happy Hour from 3-7pm Mon-Fri, with drink specials every day of the week.  Pappy’s is an informal, down-home place that will likely become one of your favorite haunts, as it has become one of mine.

Be sure to visit Pappy’s website so you can preview their menu.   Their hours of operation are 11am to 10pm Mon-Sat, 11am-9pm Sunday.  Early birds will likely find a parking space in front (there are only about seven or eight of them), but if you’re heading there when it’s a bit more busy, just park around back and enter through their back entrance.

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  • Gary Nabozny says:

    I too like Pappy’s CFS. And like you, I am also on a quest for the best CFS. Here is one that is really good and almost worth the drive from Katy. T- Bone Tom’s in Kemah. I stop there when I go to Kemah to buy shrimp. Try it if you haven’t. Gary Nabozny

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the tip, Gary! I don’t get down to Kemah as often as I should. But next time I’m there, I’ll definitely drop in at T-Bone Tom’s. BTW, if you shop at the Chinese markets here in town for seafood, you may find you don’t need to drive all the way down to Kemah for shrimp. The Chinese markets blow away most American markets when it comes to seafood and produce selections.

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