Canon IIIa Rangefinder Outfit Continues to Grow

Nowadays, lenses and accessories for these old Leica Thread Mount (LTM) Canons are getting pricey.   Unless you’re patient, that is.  Or you fall into good deals.  Both happened to me recently.  I managed to snag a Kyoei Super Acall 135mm f/3.5 off eBay recently — complete with the original box and instructions — for an unexpectedly low price.  And a couple weeks ago, I found a Serenar 100mm f/4 with case and finder in an antique/second hand store for a low enough price that I couldn’t let it sit there.  I owned a copy of the Kyoei 135mm back in the 1980s — bought it along with a Canon IVsb out of a pawn shop for cheap — and back then its reputation was that it was “just okay.”  Heh.  That was the reputation for many of LTM lenses, including the Canon Serenars.  Funny how attitudes change over time.  Nowaday’s the old Kyoei optics have a rather dedicated following, and the Canon Serenars have become highly respected — and highly sought-after — lenses.  So I feel very lucky to have found both of these within the space of a few weeks.

Canon IIIa Rangefinder with 50mm, 100mm, and 135mm lenses

The 135mm is a standard addition to a rangefinder kit.  The 100mm is gravy.  Next on the list is a wide angle.  Probably a 35mm, maybe a 28mm, but boy howdy, talk about pricey!  Looks like I’ll be saving up for one of them for a while.  Fortunately after I’ve bought a wide angle, the outfit will be pretty much complete. As long as I resist going for even wider wide-angles, that is.

I don’t have any example photos from these two new lenses yet.  No excuses.  I just haven’t made the time for photography lately — been busy with other projects.  But I’ll be sure to post some examples once I got ‘em.

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