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More on Michael’s Music

I have recently been quite active in my music composition and arranging again. I’ve written 38 new tunes — about 3 CDs worth. All are instrumental — I guess because I’m not a singer and not a songwriter. I’m a composer. You can listen to all my music at Soundcloud. It also includes a recent [Continue]

Michael’s Music

I’ve been a musician since 1965 — 50 years this year. My instrument is guitar. By the late 1960s I was playing in rock and roll and blues bands, and I was good enough to be the lead guitarist in these bands. But by the early 1970s I had become tired of the whole rock [Continue]

Promoting My Photography More Effectively

Promoting My Photography More Effectively

I  am hardly an expert at self-promotion. But I figure it’s never too late to try and also that nobody is gonna know about my work unless I mention it. So here goes. I’ve put together a large listing of many of my photographs, both digital and film, right here at my website. If you [Continue]

Slide Duplication How To

Slide Duplication How To

Recently I’ve been engaged in conversations at several different forums on duplicating slides using a digital camera. I’ve been using a DSLR and more recently a mirrorless NEX 7 to duplicate my slides for almost five years now, so it occurs to me that it is probably time for me to go ahead and write [Continue]

Wine Making the Easy Way

I’ve been dabbling with wine making for about a year now. I’ve never got bitten by the bug the way some folks have, however. They’ll go and buy all the special yeasts and all the containers and testing equipment, etc., and because they’ve done it, well natually they will think that you must do the [Continue]

Even fun things have a life cycle

I’ve been around long enough now to have seen quite a few “things” come and go. Trends, fads, innovations that weren’t, inventions that didn’t quite make it, even entire industries that just went away once they became obsolesced.  And I guess it’s the latter that I find somewhat curious today. I believe it is [Continue]

Idle and Not So Thoughts

I should use my blog more for idle thoughts, I sez to myself, thinking idly. And for thoughts that aren’t so idle. I’m having more and more occasions where I feel like writing something of import to me, but I don’t feel like trying to come up with a story outline or an article premise. [Continue]

A Day of Sadness

It’s a very sad night tonight. Barack Hussein Obama is projected to have been re-elected to the United States Presidency. BHO, a person who has yet to prove to the satisfaction of millions of Americans that he is even one of us, has managed to bamboozle the majority of the US constituency once again. BHO, [Continue]

CFS at the Hollister Grill: Onward with the Quest!

CFS at the Hollister Grill: Onward with the Quest!

Okay, anybody who’s paid attention to my previous posts on the subject knows that I’m on something of a Quest. A Quest to find the Best Chicken Fried Steak in Existence. Alright, alright, I’ll admit that this isn’t a full-time thing. Nothing like the Knights Templar and their Quest for the Holy Grail or anything. [Continue]

Empire Turkish Grill, Houston Texas — So Worth It!

Empire Turkish Grill, Houston Texas — So Worth It!

Last week, Bai Shin and I were out looking for mohair yarn.  Her mother knits and she wants a new mohair sweater, so she wanted to buy enough for her mom to make her one.  We found a place called Nimblefingers on Memorial Drive in Houston, just west of Gessner.  Upon arrival, I noticed a [Continue]

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